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Sre Iswarrya Hospital situated at Coimbatore are multi speciality diabetes hospitals. They are centres of excellence for diabetes health care in India. The hospitals provide state of the art medical care in diabetes and its related specialities such as cardiology, neurology, podiatry, orthopedics, plastic and vascular surgery, nephrology with dialysis units, medical nutrition therapy, phychological counseling, modern amenities to conduct minor and major surgeries and fully equipped intensive care units to manage critically ill patients. We have a 24hrs emergency support system for ICU and inpatient services.

What We Offer

 Diabetic Foot Care

 Diabetic diet advice

 General treatments

 Physio theraphy

 Insulin Management

Our Products

Pharmacy Service

Lab Service

Blood Collection

Home delivery of medicines/House visit

Diabetic footwear and health products.

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